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Tree Show sparks attention of children under 5

Artistic Director of Cscape Dance, Sally Knight made a simple dream a reality this Summer 2019 and Anna Sadler became part of that dream as the dance performer alongside Polly Motley.

Tree is a magical, nurturing soul, the tallest and oldest in the forest. Her roots are a playground for all the woodland animals, her branches for the bees and the birds to dance, weave and fly. The season change, bringing rain or shine, warmth or cold yet the Tree stays standing tall and still providing a safe place fo the creatures of the wood. 

Cscape’s Imaginarium created Tree, a dance theatre adventure for little ones to enjoy, together with their grown-ups. Based on the popular children’s book illustrated by Britta Teckentrup, Tree combines dance, design, music and interactive activities into a multi-sensory, live action theatre experience for babies to 4 year olds. 

In this body of work, Anna combines everything she loves; working with children under 5, dancing and creating live theatre to capture the hearts and minds of children and their grown-ups. As a parent to her little 5 year old, Joey; Anna felt compelled to be part of this unique way of being together with a small person. Along with song, dance, movement, music and storytelling the show has a big spoonful of vibrant, shining energy of Sally Knight, Anna Sadler and Polly Motley. 

The show toured Heligan Gardens, Performance Centre at Tremough Campus in Penryn and Wilderness Festival in Oxford. If you would like to know more, click on the link below and sign up to the newsletter. More performances on their way in Spring 2020!

If you click on this link you will can have a taster of the show and join in the dancing and story-telling. 

In this new blog post, Artistic Director Sally Knight talks about why Cscape has launched the Imaginarium project and why Sally is passionate about making theatre work that works for Early Years audiences.