Become a Soul Midwife

Are you interested in training to become a ‘Soul Midwife’ and joining the Calm Cornwall team of Soul Midwives?

The key attributes for being a good Soul Midwife are simply love, integrity, compassion and impeccability. If you are hearing a call to become a Soul Midwife you will almost certainly have the skills that you may not even realise are relevant and special.

If you intend to charge for your services and help people other than your friends and family, you will need to complete Soul Midwifery Training and be insured to practise. In the UK many Soul Midwives are also checked by DBS scheme.

Bear in mind that becoming a Soul Midwife requires dedication, study, practical experiences and a programme of personal self and spiritual development.

Soul Midwives group lesson

If you would like to know more

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