Whats On?

Sacred India in Cornwall

Finding Peace

Sunday 19th December 2021

2:00pm – 4:30pm
£25.00 (Concessions available – please e mail Anna)
£18.00 for students who have attended once before or for Calm Cornwall Members

Come along to the warm feeling of the Zedshed and the warm hearted welcome by Anna Sadler and. Steve Braund.

The afternoon will begin with a non-alcoholic hot toddy as you find a space for your practice and will begin with igniting warmth through breath and movement exercises.
There will be plenty. of time for rest and contemplation, meditation and relaxation as the day draws to a close.

Steve and Anna bring their connection with India to Cornwall. Together, they will share with you the pure, ancient lineage from the Vedic Tradition.


Winter is a time of turning inside and it is a time of being together. As social beings – the combination of being calm and being quiet in the company of others is rare and yet for many, it is very healing.

It is also an important time to conserve your energy, to rest the mind and to stay warm, connected and relaxed.
This is part of the true meaning of Winter.

However; the Winter Season tends to invite the opposite – consumption of food and drink, spending money and consuming energy. This has a wear and tear impact on the body, mind and purse strings!

Come along and learn the art of conserving your energy and steadying your heart and answering to the call of the Soul to be calm, to be quiet and to be peaceful and still. 
The afternoon will include:

*Simple and short Meditations 

*Warming Pranayamas

*Therapeutic Yoga

*Rest and recovery with the Sound of Silence

*Metta Bhavna to share the warmth with others

*Vedic Storytelling

*Hot Toddy (non-alcoholic)

Anna and Steve welcome everyone to this heart centred awareness practice of peace and stillness – no matter your experience, ability, identity or status – this Sunday afternoon promotes rest, recovery and clearing the clouds of the mind.

These pure and authentic methods help to unwind and free tension from the body and mind and cultivate a feeling of lightness, positivity, connection and happiness.

Join Anna and Steve for an afternoon of connection; where Sacred India lands to Cornwall.

Anna Sadler and Steve Braund welcome you.