What type of Yoga

Yoga is to remove any resistance that is present in the body.

Yoga is not to create blocks – not to create resistance and tension but rather to open the channels so that life can flow through with grace and ease.

What type of Yoga?

Hatha Yoga; a Vedic Method from the Tibetan Tradition

Consider how tense or how relaxed your body feels throughout a Yoga class? Have you achieved a completely relaxed state in every moment and every movement within a Yoga Class?

The simple formula for achieving a relaxed state is known as, “Zero Resistance”.

Anna teaches Yoga as a way to embody a totally relaxed state. This Traditional practice leads to Zero-resistance in every cell in the body. When a person is in Zero-Resistance, their cell Ph is neutral and their cell potential is at its best. As a result of practicing Yoga in Zero-resistance, the insides of each cell (Mitochondria) are free to regenerate and this leads to an infinite source of energy. 

Zero- resistance also leads to a restoration of muscles and cells and when a person is in Zero-resistance, it is not possible to accumulate fat. A yogic state is a completely relaxed state morning to night. When a person is in a totally relaxed state, like a child or a Yogi – the body is ketogenic and needs less fuel (food), conserves oxygen and increases immunity. 

What might I experience from attending a class?

You can expect to feel lighter in the body – to feel less stress, less tension and for this feeling to ripple through your day. 

This method of teaching is a pure, undiluted Eastern Vedic Method of Hatha Yoga leading to a completely relaxed state and preparing the body and mind for Meditation.

The class starts with Zero Resistance movement flow to support the body to be ‘electron rich’ and to help to remove existing inflammation and to reverse the effects of any disease in the body. The reasons to do any Asana is to clean the cells, to conserve energy and to conserve oxygen and to bring balance and stability to the body and prepare for calming the mind in Meditation.

Dr. ALV Kumar warns against doing any Yoga that creates any amount of stress in the body – this means not holding postures/asanas with tension, tightness and force. This is because holding postures with stiffness and tension leads to consuming more energy, increasing oxygen supplies and reaching to indulge in more food.

Practicing Asanas (postures in Yoga) are not there to make you a robot. Asanas are a practice of living in this moment; an expression of nature which is harmony with every movement and every moment. The class begins with a very simple vinyasa flow and breath work for removing tensions along the spine and each joint in the body and thereby achieving energy conservation. 

“The effort is to be effortless”.

Every stretch in class, every asana in class – “the effort is to be effortless”

Tree Pose (Vrksasana) in the Vedic Tradition is practiced as a “relaxed tree”Kumar says, “Dont be a dead tree that doesnt respond to nature, be a tree that responds to nature; one that responds to lashing rain, wind and a change in seasons.”

Practicing this ancient lineage of Yoga leads to bubbling energy morning to night. The energy doesn’t come from eating more food but rather from releasing tensions and stresses in the body and recharging the cells to work at their fullest potential. 

Anna iis a fully trained Yoga and Meditation teacher by Enlightened Guru,  Dr. AL V Kumar, Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation.