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Free ‘Chair’ Yoga Calendar with Every Subscription to Calm Cornwall. (50 available)

Kumar showing chair Yoga calendar

This FREE Chair Yoga Calendar will be sent directly to your door during the month of January (shipping dependent from India)

Just simply e mail Anna ( and provide Anna with your postal address. 

The Chair Yoga Calendar is a great addition to your home and to your Yoga practice. 

It is with great pride that Kumar presents these calendars to all of his students. 

Behind every posture is a great legacy and the calendar comes directly from Kumar who has curated and managed the format of this calendar with great precision. 

How to practice with this Calendar?

Kumar says:

Practice daily the postures for the corresponding month. 

It will change your life and it will change the way you practice Yoga for life. 

The purpose and intention to this calendar is to add intention and value to your life. 

How to treat your Calendar?

Kumar says:

Treat your Calendar with dignity. 

Every tree that was cut down for the making of these Calendars should feel proud to be used as a product of healing for each reader. Every tree should find solace in the fact that the paper is giving such a great contribution to human life. The tree is not being used to clean a person’s ass but rather for a student’s journey towards singularity.

Where do I buy this sort of chair for my Yoga practice?