I would like to become a member of Calm Cornwall – what do I need to know?

Anna and Steve are so pleased you are interested in becoming a Community member of Calm Cornwall.

Here is what you need to know:

There are 4 x payment options to choose from depending on your affordability and availability.

£32.00 p/m is the Regular Subscription to all online and in-person classes

£20.00 p/m is the Concession Subscription to all online and in-person classes. This is for Yogis who are on a low income.

£39.00 p/m is the Regular Subscription to all online and in-person classes plus a ‘dana’ donation which helps to support a Yogi who wouldn’t otherwise be able to join the classes.

£15.00 p/m gives access to 1 x online Meditation class per week. This subscription includes a weekly Dharma Bulletin of Enlightened wisdom by Dr. Kumar.

Membership includes:

******* 5 x Weekly Classes (online or in-person

(Video Recordings of the Sunday evening class and Thursday morning class will be available upon request.)

******* Ongoing Mentoring support for your practice by Anna Sadler and Steve Braund.

******* Weekly Dharma Bulletin to your e mail account.

******* “Pass a class.” When you purchase a subscription; it enables any adult in your household to attend classes. This means if one adult is unable to attend a class, the other adult who lives in the same household can attend instead.

******* 10% off Meditation Weekend and Day Meditation Retreats with Anna and Steve. 

******** A percentage of your monthly subscription will go to The Yoga Healing Foundation. The Yoga Healing Foundation is a Charity that works in the Uk and in India – providing Yoga and Meditation to all who are unable to afford it.

******* FREE Traditional Yoga Calendar for the first 30 subscriptions. The calendar is curated by Dr. ALV Kumar and produced in India.

Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing a subscription.

£32 per month regular subscription

Unlimited Online Classes
£32.00/month until cancelled

Other subscription options:

£39 p/m (Subscription price + dana (donation)

To support a student who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend classes due to financial circumstances.

£20p/m concession rate

£15 p/m 1 x Online Class per week.

This subscription entitles a student to 1 x online class per week. This subscription option also offers a FREE weekly Dharma Bulletin.