Join the Calm Cornwall Community

My commitment to you is to keep you motivated and interested in progressing on the path of Meditation and Yoga through group and individual practice.

Join the Calm Cornwall Community and become part of a growing family of Yogis.

Joining the Calm Cornwall Community is easy to do and gives you unlimited access to online and in-person classes.

As a community member, you have the option to join up to 5 classes per week.

The classes bring together an alchemy of Pranayama, (breathing exercises) Meditation, Virat Dharana, (relaxation practice lying down) Nutritional advice, Hatha Yoga and Dharma Insight as prescribed by the pure Vedic Tibetan teachings by Dr. ALV Kumar.

Anna Sadler and Steve Braund will be your key facilitators and mentors. Combined; they have over 17 years of experience of teaching and practicing the pure Yogic methods towards living a happy and contented life. Their commitment to you is to help to inspire you and to keep you motivated in progressing on the Spiritual path through online and in-person practice groups.

The classes provide a rich and fertile ground for personal growth and discovery.

The Tradition you will be learning is the purest, most undiluted Tradition of Yoga and it is the true path to liberation. 

Member options:

Unlimited Online Classes