Tuesday Evening Meditation Practice

This class welcomes students who have completed an 8 Week Awareness Meditation Course.

Online and in-person

St. Gluvias Community Hall, Penryn.

Tuesdays 7:15pm – 8:45pm
Ongoing (The classes are term time only)

The classes will be facilitated by Anna Sadler or Steve Braund on alternating weeks.

Classes are free for members. Click on the link below to join the Community of Yogis in Calm Cornwall.

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This Meditation class invites students who have completed an 8 Week Awareness Meditation Course to come together for weekly group practice . These classes are an opportunity for students who would like to re-start their practice or for students with a regular practice to re-learn the steps of the technique and deepen their path towards transformation. The practice helps to create a healthy and mindful way of living and being together.

The class is for Meditation students who are interested in re-learning the art of Meditating on the natural breath. The class will bring together an alchemy of breathing exercises (Pranayama), stretches for the body, relaxation techniques and Meditation as a way to bring the body and mind to a completely natural state of being; fully calm and relaxed.

The class will be fully guided by Anna Sadler or Steve Braund. There may be additional audio recordings by Enlightened Teacher, Dr. ALV Kumar. This class is an opportunity to come together as a Community; on line and in-person so we can better serve ourselves and each other.

If you are unable to attend a Tuesday evening class, check out the Friday evening Meditation group at the Zedshed, Penryn. Welcomes everyone.

Anna and Steve are experienced Traditional Yoga Facilitators and they deeply respect the rich history and lineages of the Tibetan, Vedic Yoga Tradition. Their willingness and positivity for sharing the wisdom of Meditation – creates a fertile ground for learning and transformation.

Free to Calm Cornwall Members