Sunday Evening Meditation Practice

This class welcomes students who are currently learning from Dr. Kumar or have completed an 8 week Awareness Meditation course and have a regular practice

Online using Zoom

Sundays 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Ongoing (these classes are term-time only)

Taught by Anna Sadler

Classes are free for subscribers.
This class can be accessed online and in-person.

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Free to Subscribers

This class is for Meditators who are currently learning online with Dr. Kumar or for those students who have completed an 8 Week Awareness Meditation Course. The class may include Pranayama (breath work), Virat Dharana (lying down Meditation) seated Meditation practice, Zero Resistance Yoga and Dharma teachings, Metta Bhavna. Part of the class will use recordings by Dr. Kumar.

Anna Sadler deeply respects the rich history and lineages of the Yoga tradition and have been strictly trained in line with the culture of Traditional Ashrams.

Anna Sadler is an experienced facilitator of Meditation, trained by Dr. ALV Kumar from the Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation. Anna promises to share the wisdom of Yogi Life as prescribed by Patanjali and Buddha and as delivered by Dr. Kumar. This creates a rich class of learning for transformation.

A percentage of the donation goes to the Charity “Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation“.

Free to Members of Calm Cornwall