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Anna Sadler has been practicing meditation under the guidance of ALV Kumar since 2009

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Anna Sadler has been practicing and facilitating Meditation under the guidance of Indian Yogi,  ALV Kumar and the Charity Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation since 2009. 

Anna has since set up her own business called Calm Cornwall and completed her 1000 hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training which is accredited with the Yoga Alliance, UK. Anna is a lifelong student of Yoga and Meditation and her Spiritual studies begin at 4:30am every morning tuning in to ‘live broadcasts’ from India and  following the path of Traditional Yoga with Dr. Kumar in Hyderabad.  

Anna has a strong and established daily practice of Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Virat Dharana, gratitude and Metta Bhavna. Anna adapts and translates these in-depth teachings in her classes. From community practice for absolute beginners to advanced teachings for experienced meditators, Anna loves to share how the ancient Traditional Yogic Methods can greatly support mental and physical health of all. 

“Yoga is not just on the mat, it is a way of life”. These words by Dr. Kumar describe how Anna brings Meditation and Yoga in to every moment and every movement in life.