8 Week Meditation Course

8 Week Awareness Meditation Course welcomes everyone including complete beginners.

Join this online course and receive the benefits of learning the art of Meditation in its pure and undiluted form.

8 x consecutive video recordings over the course of 8 weeks. (These recordings are 1.5 hours in length)

£130.00 full course fee for New Students

What is on offer?

This is another unique opportunity to learn and practice how to meditate on the natural breath in order to experience inner peace and to transform negative thought patterns. The technique is taught in the Tradition of Patanjali, through a series of 8 video recordings by Anna Sadler and guided audio recordings by Dr. Kumar, maintaining a direct link to the original instructions and scriptures in which they have been preserved for centuries. This technique is taught in a focused and sustained way with the encouraging support of Anna Sadler who is an experienced and certified Traditional Yoga teacher. Anna guides you through the progressive steps of the technique and answers any questions that may arise.

Anna has been teaching this technique weekly for over 10 years and she is completely devoted to teaching and practicing this technique. 
She has accumulated over 2000 hours of Meditation and Yogi Training with Dr. Kumar.

What is included in the cost of the course and how does it work?

Once you have booked your place on the course, Anna will send an e mail with all the information you need to know about how to prepare for the first video recording which arrives in your inbox a couple of days later. From this point onwards, a video recording is sent to your inbox on a weekly basis. Anna is available on whats app to answer questions or by e mail depending on what you prefer. Additionally, Anna offers a 30 minute consultation during the 8 weeks. This is generally taken around week 4/5 but can be arranged for anytime during the 8 weeks.

The cost of the course includes:

What is included in the course?

*16 hours + online teaching time.Discussion and sharing with peer support

*Online support for your practice

*Access to audio recordings to help with practicing meditation at home

*Home Practice notes which are sent to your e-mail account

*Advice on yoga practice, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to aid rest, sleep and relaxation – via whats app

*Consultation call with Anna Sadler (30 mins)

Why meditate at this time?

There is no time like the present to learn how to befriend the reactive mind, and to begin to  transform negative mind patterns. This pure technique teaches you how to observe, accept and adapt to change and uncertainty – which leads to profound peace of mind and happiness. The purpose of this technique, referred to by Patanjali as Prana Samyama, is to bring balance and harmony to the mind.  At the end of the 8 weeks, you have a toolbox of breathing techniques, a knowledge of the science and wisdom of this Meditation technique and an understanding of how to sustain a home practice. Meditation on the natural breath is central to Yoga and Buddhist systems, as well as to contemporary mindfulness models.

What happens when I finish the course?

Once you have completed the 8 Week Meditation Course, there are many. other opportunities to develop your practice with Calm Cornwall and Traditional Yoga. Anna offers weekly meditation classes for all meditators who have completed an 8 week awareness meditation course. 
Co-teacher Steve Braund who also lives in Cornwall teaches daytime classes for people who have completed an 8 Week Course. Completing the course provides an opportunity to attend Weekend Prana Samyama Meditation Courses throughout the UK plus the unique opportunity to attend a 10 day Silent Meditation retreat in the UK or India.

Im considering repeating the course, is this a good idea?

Yes, absolutely! Each time you choose to begin to learn this technique again – the practice nestles more deeply in to your cells and a deeper understanding emerges through experiential learning. Even though the steps of the technique are the same – Anna is constantly changing the delivery and offering new dharma teachings, Pranayama exercises and insights from Kumar. Anna is undertaking another 500 hour Yogi Training with Dr. Kumar and relays the information to her students which is the most beneficial and awakening teachings of this time. 
Please dont hesitate to ask for more information. 


During this 8 week meditation course I learnt so much about the mind and about my own habits of the mind and my life has benefitted greatly from these insights. I am clearer, more relaxed and peaceful. I cope with stress more easily and the difference has been marked.
Anna is a delightful teacher. Her voice and presentation sends me to a deeply relaxed state. The course is life enhancing and I highly recommend it.

I absolutely adore this course.  Anna is fabulous. I love her voice and her clear and wise explanations.  I feel super chilled tuning in to the recordings and I love it when I can make the sessions ‘live’.  I love the way the method of teaching to Meditate on the natural breath and I can firmly say that I am practicing daily and my life has become calmer, lighter less reactionary and far more enjoyable.

This journey I have started with you will carry on for the rest of my lifetime. Thank you for teaching the art of breathing and practical ways of clearing negative habit patterns of the mind. I feel incredibly connected to everyone on the course and feel delighted that I have made connections with people across the world. I am so grateful to be able to share this course with dear friends, staying connected and staying protected. Thank you for your guidance and love – I have endless gratitude for this learning and this path of Traditional Yoga.