Meditation & Yoga

We, as humans, have the potential to transform ourselves. This precious gift of a human mind brings the opportunity to develop a freer, truer and happier way of being and then to share this great peace with others.


Meditation is the system that removes the thick layers of cloud cover, so that like the sun, the mind can shine in its true nature of purity, warmth and peace.

What type of Meditation?

Awareness of the Natural Breath Meditation

In this style of Meditation, you will be taught to meditate on the ‘natural breath’. This means the ordinary, uncontrolled breath that is with us all the time. Observing the natural incoming and outgoing breath brings calmness and tranquillity to the mind while simultaneously sharpening its ability for awareness and concentration. In this fundamental and vital training, we train the mind to observe inwardly in order to bring about transformation. The benefits include greater cognitive control, emotional resilience, less reactive tendencies, feelings of great peace, contentment, abundant joy and happiness. The training in this technique mitigates stress and makes the mind more efficient, balanced and harmonious. Meditation on the natural breath is central to Yoga and Buddhist systems, as well as to contemporary mindfulness models.

Why Meditate on the Natural Breath?

There is no liking or disliking for the natural breath. We cannot choose how we would like the next breath to be and this fact helps us to develop non-attachment. The breath is always with us but does not belong to us. We do not have a feeling of ownership over our own breath and so we do not try to hold on to it. The breath comes in to give us life and then goes away again. In turn, we learn to simply observe it as a natural changing phenomenon.

This technique develops great levels of self-awareness as well as awareness of the world around us. Awareness in turn leads to empathy and a greater understanding and wisdom.

We cannot observe a past breath or a future breath. Our breath is always in the present and so the practice develops present-centeredness. Mindfulness in the present brings full appreciation of every moment. Usually, our mind is running in to the past or the future, but the breath trains the mind to be in the here and now.

The breath is constantly changing as one breath flows out and another flows in. This is significant as it reflects the changing nature of everything in existence. Each breath is new and different. Everything we experience in life is undergoing continuous change and therefore working with the breath trains us to respond with equanimity to the phenomenon of change.

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My partner really benefited from the class last night, he said it was like a warm bath for the mind. Immediately afterwards it also helped him to come to terms with a work problem that’s been weighing on his mind for months – you’re a miracle worker!

…Anna’s personal support In the weeks surrounding my mother’s death coupled with continuing to attend regular classes have helped me remain peaceful during a period of grieving. For anyone who has never meditated or has tried other methods and not found them helpful I would recommend Anna wholeheartedly.

Vicky, Mylor Bridge

Thank you for the wonderful session last evening, absolutely loved being back in that space – beautiful!

Rebecca, Falmouth

Twee as it sounds, coming to your sessions ad learning how to meditate really has been live-changing for me. The weekly sessions are always so beneficial and I’m fairly certain that my practice would not be as positive without them.


Your meditation classes saved me… When I joined your classes I was going through a really rough period in my life and it honestly made me channel those emotions into something more positive and has now put me on a much happier and healthier path so…

Anna, Falmouth

…thank you from the bottom of my heart! When I come back I will definitely be joining your classes once more!

Anna, Falmouth

I can’t tell you how much your meditation sessions have helped me. You are a beautiful, wise and generous woman. You’re gentleness and compassion are always a powerful remedy and important lesson. Much love and appreciation.

Viv, Mawnan Smith

I initially enrolled for an eight week, group meditation session with Anna following a recommendation by a friend who knew I was experiencing trouble sleeping. From after the very first session I felt an immediate benefit. In fact, the next day I over-slept and was late for work which made everyone smile! After several weeks, I was sleeping well, chronic back pain had eased  and the number of migraines I was getting reduced dramatically…

Sue, Truro

…Anna’s patient, supportive teaching, wonderfully mesmerising voice and welcoming smile makes it all so easy, even for someone like me who doesn’t necessarily find group social gatherings easy!  I can honestly say that over the last year the weekly group sessions, which I continue to attend, along with my developing home practice, has meant that my mental and physical well-being has improved beyond recognition.

Sue, Truro

I was introduced to Anna Sadler and her meditation class at a time when my life was full of stress looking after my elderly mother as her mental and physical health declined. Anna’s extraordinary calm, peaceful introduction to meditation made my life better immediately – I had a calmness and peace within me which made handling the small daily difficulties so much easier.

Vicki, Mylor Bridge