Benefits of Biodanza

Obtain greater self-confidence and presence, freer and more enjoyable expression through the body and so much more...

Ideally, Biodanza should be practiced regularly and consistently in a weekly class, with more in-depth weekend workshops several times a year.

People embarking on a journey of this nature can expect:

  • greater self-confidence and presence
  • freer and more enjoyable expression through the body
  • more joy and happiness in life
  • deeper, more real connections with others, nature and oneself
  • healing of past traumas, wounds and hurts
  • experience of love – romantic, platonic and fraternal
  • to go beyond the ego to connect with all there is
  • to feel the body as a source of pleasure, rather than pain
  • enhanced sensitivity and sensuality
  • to find out what it is you like and want in life, and to go and get it
  • dissolve tensions and rigidities in the body and persona
  • to become more creative, expressive, open and alive
  • to discover the myriad blessings of human contact and caress