Soul midwife profile:

Anna Sadler


South and mid Cornwall

Calm Cornwall member since 6th October 2019.

Anna trained in the craft of Soul Midwifery with Felicity Warner founder of the Soul Midwives School.

The call to become a Soul Midwife was in response to a personal journey of illness and experiences of near-death. After caring for friends and loved ones at the end of their life, Anna felt compelled and drawn to re-learning the ancient art of compassionate care for those who are dying. Anna says that her training to become a Soul Midwife was like a feeling of ‘coming home’. It felt clear to Anna that she was always meant to be practicing Soul Midwifery. Anna uses the skills and techniques that she learnt from the Soul Midwives School alongside her strong intuitive nature to meet the spiritual and holistic needs of the ‘friend’ who is dying and aims to empower the family to be part of that journey in a positive and uplifting way. Anna believes that training to become a soul midwife was a call from her heart.

Aspects that Anna can help with include:

  • Sitting and listening to fears, concerns and supporting a friend with coping with these, providing comfort and reassurance.
  • To use gentle touch if required – to ease tension and worry and to empower the family to use this technique with their loved one.
  • To use reiki and sacred oils to calm the body and mind for a peaceful passing
  • Respect and honour a dying friend’s religious/spiritual or atheist/agnostic beliefs and practices.
  • Help and guide the family to create a loving space for the dying friend.
  • To “serve” as a friend and not aim to “fix or rescue”.
  • To keep a loving vigil.
  • To meet a ‘friend’ where they are in the moment and to respond to individual needs.
  • To use breathwork, sound and visualisation where needed
  • To always work in ‘feedback’ with the dying friend and their family.

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