Biodanza dance group cornwall falmouth penryn

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Helene Levy brings altered states of consciousness to Biodanza.

 ‘The healing action of surrendering and the power to connect to the Source’.

Helene Jeanne

Helene Levy is the Director of the Biodanza School in Nice, France and has been practicing and teaching Biodanza for over 40 years. It was a pleasure, privilege and an absolute delight to be in the presence of Helene’s deeply embodied movement practice. 

Helene leads the way in understanding how changes in our perception, can lead to us becoming explorers, creators of our world and our innermost strength can be stimulated; our Vital Unconscious. Helene reminds us that Biodanza works like homoeopathy; like the Bach Flower remedies. It is gentle doses on a weekly basis that creates a repair effect – where we are less the product of conditioning and more in tune with the most positive aspects of our divine selves. Helene reminded us that life itself invites us to ‘transit’ between the 5 lines of Biodanza; Vitality, Affectivity, Sensuality, Creativity and Transcendence and between Vitality and Regression. When all these aspects are in harmony, we are healthy, happy and abundant version of ourselves. 

Come along and experience a Biodanza Class for yourself. 

Biodanza dance group cornwall falmouth penryn