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Calm Cornwall meets chaos in London protests

Anna from Calm Cornwall joined thousands of Extinction Rebellion activists on Oxford Street demonstrating for the Government to take action on the environmental crisis. 

This was one day before Anna attended her Meditation Teacher Training course in London. 

Meeting at Marble Arch, Anna met with Belle Benfield of Heartfelt Herbs, Cornwall to join the march along Oxford Street. 

The heavens opened and it poured with rain much of the time but that didn’t put off thousands of protesters who scaled Oxford Street – with good cheer, sound, chanting, music and creating an impact and a spectacle.

Anna and Belle in London climate protests
Man in skeleton costume at London climate protests

Anna openly admits that she is not a ‘natural activist’ but felt compelled to join the March and to speak to many of the shoppers along Oxford Street in an attempt to bring more understanding to the unfolding events across London. It was heart warming to see the double-decker bus drivers forced to stop work but with encouraging cheers and high-fives to the protesters as they passed. 

The protest march lasted about 3 hours and ended at the British Museum. 

With a heavy backpack and soaked through, Anna took refuge in a coffee shop to warm up and rest where she met a dear friend Geoff who Anna trained with in Biodanza and his family from Devon. 

Extinction rebellion protest banner and flags