Anna is the Founder of Calm Cornwall and works in close partnership with Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation to bring Spiritual practice in the form of Meditation and Yoga to all.

Anna has been making a Soul journey with Enlightened teacher, Dr. ALV Kumar of Hyderabad, India for over 10 years and during 2020 – 2021, Anna embarked on a deeply rigorous and life-changing training program to understand all limbs of Yoga. Studying for 4-6 hours everyday, this perpetual training programme has presented Anna with a changed perspective on Yoga and on life.

Anna now has a deep understanding of the Traditional culture and practice of Yoga, and a profound respect for the lineage of Yogis who have selflessly preserved and passed on this precious wisdom for thousands of years. Anna has been strictly trained in line with the culture of Traditional Ashrams as per Tradition.

Anna lives in her heart and has learnt to silence the chatter of the brain and to live more readily in a place of gratitude, kindness, compassion and unconditional love. Through sustained Meditation and Yoga practice, Anna has learnt to understand the link between body, breath and mind and has learnt pure, Traditional techniques to nurture the Soul and aims to share these tools with all students of Calm Cornwall.

In light of the in-depth training with Dr. Kumar, Anna is adaptable and responsive to all problems in life. Anna understands very well that we never know what each day will bring, but that it is possible to overcome all obstacles when the mind and body are being nurtured and cared for. Her positivity and willingness for sharing the meaning of becoming a Yogi as prescribed by Patanjali and Buddha creates a fertile and rich ground for learning and transformation for all her students. 

Current Training:

200 hour Yogi Teacher Training with Dr. ALV Kumar (Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation)

Past Training:

  • 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. ALV Kumar (The Yoga Healing Foundation)
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. ALV Kumar (The Yoga Healing Foundation)
  • Sacred Oils Training with Felicity Warner
  • Biodanza Children and Families Dance Teacher Training 
  • Biodanza Adult Dance Teacher Training with the Dorset School of Biodanza
  • Soul Midwife Training with Felicity Warner – Level 1
  • Soul Midwife Training with Felicity Warner – Foundation Level
  • Meditation Teacher Training in 2010 with Dr. ALV Kumar (The Yoga Healing Foundation)
  • MA Fine Art; Falmouth College of Art
  • BA Fine Art – University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
  • BA Contemporary Dance  – Roehampton Instituse London

Anna is an experienced and committed Meditation and Yoga Teacher and she deeply respects the rich history and lineages of the Vedic Tibetan Method of the Yoga Tradition.