Anna Sadler

Anna combines all her passions in her business Calm Cornwall. 

Dance, Art, Meditation and holistic/spiritual Care.

Anna trained as a Soul Midwife in 2017 with Felicity Warner from the Dorset School of Soul Midwives. She uses her practice of reiki to complement this work. Anna has been teaching Meditation for the past 8 years and is fully trained with Traditional Yoga Healing Foundation. Anna is also a fully trained Biodanza teacher alongside her partner, Rupert Meese- offering classes and workshops to adults and families. She also teaches Mindful Movement, Yoga and Biodanza in Schools, Preschools and community settings. 

Anna’s early career began with Dance and Art. 

From a very early age, Anna danced. She took lessons in ballet, tap, modern and Jazz and studied Contemporary dance at Roehampton Institute in London. Due to a knee injury at College, Anna was forced to change direction and went on to study BA. Hons. Degree in Fine Art at University of Wales, Institute Cardiff. She received a First Class honours degree from Cardiff and has since completed her MA in Contemporary Practice at Falmouth University where she was awarded a distinction. 

Anna has lived and worked throughout the UK including York, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Outer Hebrides, Paris, New York and Portland, Oregon. Anna worked for 10 years in therapeutic community art with all ages and abilities. This included large scale community projects, murals, workshops in schools, festivals as well as site specific art projects for youngsters in care. She also worked for 7 years at Gallery of Modern Art and Kelvingrove Gallery in Glasgow as a Learning facilitator – offering outreach creative projects to visitors and the local community. 

Anna moved to Cornwall in 2009 to undertake her MA course at the Falmouth College of Art. 

During her time on the course, Anna became severely unwell and had a near death experience. After a full recovery, Anna went on the give research papers and talks for the NHS and Arts Medicine and Humanities conferences relating to her experience in hospital and how she interpreted this experience through making video, sound and performance art.

Following another traumatic life event in 2013, Anna turned her attention to physical, emotional and spiritual self-care. Her daily practice of Meditation helped in overcoming the trauma in a controlled, positive  and manageable way. This inspired Anna to train to teach meditation. Anna has taught over 200 people to meditate in and around Cornwall.

Anna’s 5 year old boy, Joey continues to be an inspiration for Anna’s love of teaching Mindful practice with all ages and abilities of children. At home, Anna, Rupert and Joey spend much of their time dancing, chanting Kirtan, playing drums and looking for new ways to create.