Welcome to Calm Cornwall

Calm Cornwall offers compassionate care at the End of Life, Meditation and Dance as a way to awaken the natural states of being. The services that Calm Cornwall provide simply open the door home to yourself.   

As Rumi; a 13th Century Poet once said, “Knocking at the door. It opens…. I have been knocking from the inside”.

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Removing the thick layers of cloud cover, so the mind can shine in its true nature of purity, warmth and peace.

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Caring for the dying

Soul Midwives are highly skilled energy medicine practitioners with a precise knowledge of the dying process.

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Kids & families

Calm Kids is the most fun you can have while learning the tools of yoga, mindfulness & dance. Simple and enjoyable lessons on how to grow a healthy and happy life.

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A system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness.

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Calm Cornwall offers time away from the everyday for finding peace, tranquility and deep calm.

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