Welcome to Calm Cornwall

Calm Cornwall offers classes, workshops and retreats in person and online that draw upon the ancient lineages and Traditions of Vedic Ashrams in Tibet, India and Nepal as a way to heal the body, mind and soul. Calm Cornwall welcomes everyone of all backgrounds and temperaments to experience whats on offer and especially invites those who wish to grow in humanity, selflessness and peace to join this growing Community of Soul Seekers.

Calm Cornwall teaches the purpose of Yoga as cultivating a healthy mind and body and how to achieve it through breathing techniques, meditation, chanting, nutrition and Asanas.

Spirituality is not only practiced on the mat in Meditation and Yoga – it is a way of life. Dr. ALV Kumar

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Meditation & Yoga

Removing the thick layers of cloud cover, so the mind can shine in its true nature of purity, warmth and peace.

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Caring for the dying

Soul Midwives are skilled energy medicine practitioners with a precise knowledge of the dying process.

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Calm Cornwall offers time away from the everyday for finding peace, tranquility and deep calm.

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